Physical Therapy Myths and Misconceptions

Here at Mission Physical Rehabilitation, we want to help you navigate through the common myths and misconceptions associated with physical therapy. When making any health care decision, it’s always best to be well informed.  We hope you find this information helpful. Myth: A doctor’s referral is necessary to see a physical therapist. Fortunately, Texas is […]

How does Dry Needling Work?

Muscle strain, tendonitis, neck pain, IT band syndrome, and headaches are just some of the issues millions of people suffer with every year. These issues are caused by muscle dysfunction, which can be greatly improved with the assistance of Trigger Point Dry Needling. WHAT IS DRY NEEDLING? Dry needing uses small, thin needles to stimulate underlying […]

Concussion and How to Recognize the Symptoms

At one point or another, we have all received a mild bump or even a blow to the head.  You may have even ignored it, thinking it’s “no big deal”. Have you considered that bump to the head could have caused a concussion?  Whether you are an athlete or just your average human navigating earth. […]

Let’s Talk Bladder Leakage

In the US, nearly 40% of women are affected by urinary incontinence- otherwise known as involuntary bladder leakage, or overactive bladder (OAB).  Even though so many women suffer with this issue, few admit to dealing with it and believe nothing can be done. Who is affected by urinary incontinence? Multiple factors are linked to incontinence. […]

Work Injury? How do you Return to Work Safely?

If you have been injured at work, Mission Physical Rehabilitation is dedicated to assisting injured workers return to their jobs safely, with a decreased risk for re-injury. Our Return-to-Work programs are highly structured, goal oriented treatment programs that improve work related functional abilities, with a skilled approach of graded exercise, activities, and education. WHAT DOES […]

Breast Cancer and Post-Mastectomy Rehab

According to Texas Health and Human Services, in 2022, an estimated 19,921 women in Texas will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In some breast cancer cases, a mastectomy may be necessary. Post-mastectomy physical therapy can aid in the overall recovery process by focusing on regaining strength and increasing the range of motion in your shoulder […]

Backpack Safety for Kids

Soon, San Antonio kids will be saying goodbye to beach towels and flip flops and hello to school supplies and backpacks. While out shopping for a new backpack, for the upcoming school year, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Let’s help San Antonio kids stay back-pain free this year. Backpack Size Should not […]

Arthritis. Does Physical Therapy Help?

According to the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, 20.7% of Bexar County residence have been diagnosed with Arthritis. With over 100 forms of arthritis, there is understandable confusion about the different forms of arthritis and the treatment options for each. Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent, while Rheumatoid arthritis is the most disabling. Those with arthritis […]

How to Run with Bad Knees: Pain Prevention & Care

A big fear of San Antonio runners is that their joints will start to ache and prevent them from running. You can never really know when something like knee or ankle pain could occur, but you should know the most common reasons that happen and how to prevent it. Maybe you had a knee injury […]