Motor Vehicle Accident

Studies have pointed out that early intervention with physical therapy results in faster healing time compared with those who wait longer to begin their medical treatment. The goal of physical therapy is to provide you with immediate relief. As your body heals and your pain subsides, the next steps are to increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance. Physical therapy can and will return you to the activities that you enjoy doing as soon as possible.

Did you know:
  • The majority of auto accident injuries affect soft tissues – muscles, tendons and ligaments, which doesn’t show up on x-rays.
  • Soreness and muscle pain from whiplash can signal a soft-tissue injury that may not heal on its own. Neck and back pain commonly don’t surface until hours or days after a car accident. The sooner you see a physical therapist the faster you will heal.
  • Your auto insurance’s personal injury protection can pay 100 percent of your physical therapy – with no deductible or out of pocket expense.