Fall Prevention Class Sign-Ups for San Antonio!

One in every three adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States – WWW.CDC.GOV

At Mission Physical Rehabilitation we are partnering with physician groups throughout Greater San Antonio to help seniors prevent falls.  Together we are working to reduce falls and keep our seniors active!

If you have not experienced a loss of balance or a fall but are at risk for a fall, we have put together a monthly class that referred seniors may attend at NO COST to them. These online classes will focus on improving balance, strength, and mobility to prevent falls for our patients.

If you have already experienced fall or balance problems and would like to prevent having more falls in the future, we invite you to sign up for a fall risk screening and balance therapy at one of our clinics. Through a short assessment, we can determine the factors affecting an individual’s fall risk. Therapy focuses on reducing the factors and decreasing fall risk. This is consistent with the protocols recommended by The American Geriatrics Society and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Panel on Fall Prevention Guidelines.

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